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A complete Surface preparation job requires competent equipment and experienced hand…

We are Foxbolt …the total surface preparation equipment service company!

Due to our extensive contacts in the industry, we can handle any type of surface preparation equipment and treat every job with the same hard work, ethic, and pride… Foxbolt is renowned for quality service!

Our maintenance and repair center is fully equipped with state of the art equipment to meet your needs within the shortest time.

So whenever your equipment needs repairs; our technicians are endowed with the technical know-how to deal with any situation without messing up your project.

Foxbolt repair center will help get your equipment back to its best.

We are a certified maintenance and repair brand in the Concrete Surface Preparation industry with certification to do repair and warranty work with Lavina, STI, LERH Burnishers and BLAST PRO.

The best part is that our service center comes with rental of concrete surface equipment such as shot blasters, grinders, scrapers, and vacuums if you have your machine serviced by us.

Let us know how we can help you… Foxbolt has got your back!.