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How do you want your floor… Grinded, Shot Blasted, Scarified, or Polished- Foxbolt has the right equipment systems for the job!

We are your first choice for top quality surface preparation equipment sales and service in Central and South America and with a sales and service center soon to be open in Tegucigalpa in Honduras we will be able to service and warranty your equipment locally.

We have a wide range of applications, from heavy-duty Scarfing to high-fashion polished floor equipment for sale and servicing without hidden charges.

Our charge is simple: To always offer the best equipment to our customer’s on time and at the most affordable pricing.

As a way of giving you value for your money at Foxbolt, we don’t only sell; we also service and warranty your equipment.

Our highly experienced technicians have the knowledge and experience in recommending the right type of equipment to suit our customers particular application…

Some of the Concrete Surface Preparation equipment we deal with includes but not limited to Super Abrasives Equipment, Blast Pro, Ermanator, STI Equipment, and Kut-Rite.

Just as no floor coating is good without proper preparation, similarly, no perfect surface preparation without the right equipment.

Foxbolt equipment sales and services Equipment take pride in!

So, don’t let that flooring project spoil your mood- Get Foxbolt to the rescue!

Won’t you rather trust the pros with your project?